head up high

November 15th, 2006 + 7:11 PM  ·  JBP

Firstly, apparently I am one of the members who have the greates number of songs on here, haha. Just checked it - it's true. I am proud of myself, I can say

Secondly, instead of writing my MA thesis on translating neologisms from English into Polish I am in fact writing a blog seemingly without any reason. Actually, it's my first blog ever, soo... again I am quite proud of myself

Thirdly, today I have talked to a guy who does karaoke shows with my girlfriend (and is a drummer) and we might do a couple of gig sometime in the future. Some of my songs and some cover songs ... Again, I am proud of myself to be open to the world and possibilities it brings.

Fourthly, as usually, I will be spending more time on music soon, I hope. There are a couple of songs that need some lyrics (any Polish lyric writers out there who are willing to help me?) and also need finishing. Again, I will most probably be very proud of myself if you turn out to like them after I have posted them on here.

Keep you fingers crossed for me. GTG.

April 15th, 2007 + 1:04 AM  ·  aetheris

Hey JBP... I was actually wondering:

1) Where do you get that ammounts of self confidence from? LOL

2) Do you think you could give me more info on your thesis... I'm taking a class about Language Philosophy and I'd like to learn from your research.


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